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Product Development

We believe in holistic support, ensuring every aspect of your startup journey is addressed, and your vision realized


Idea Generation, Progressive Refinement, Prototype Assessment, Add innovation & IP

Prototype Creation

Material & Tech Selection
Iterative Refinement
Testing Prototype

Business Development

Strategic Planning, Market Expansion, Revenue Growth and branding

Babak Khodaparast

The compass guiding our voyage, Babak Khodaparast, our founder, stands as an emblem of the relentless pursuit of excellence. Proudly serving as the President of the National Inventors Team of Canada, Babak’s credentials are enriched with a mosaic of achievements. 

Award Winning Leader

At 16, he embarked on a remarkable journey, earning 11 international awards for his inventions.

Startup Visionary

His leadership at InnoVanguard transformed over 50 ideas into thriving national and international businesses.

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Your Startup Partner from Ideation to Implementation

With a diversified and formidable team, we’re equipped to deliver an extensive suite of services, ensuring you transition seamlessly from idea to a thriving startup.

At InnoVanguard, we begin by thoroughly analyzing your concept. Our team of experts will guide you in developing your prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ensuring a swift execution without compromising on quality.

Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors, including medical devices, mobile applications, agritech, edtech, clean tech, telehealth, and more. We are equipped to handle innovative projects across various industries.

One of our core competencies at InnoVanguard involves devising solutions for existing challenges. We can engage with you to understand the specifics of your issue and, through a collaborative approach, develop a viable and effective solution.

What Clients Say

With us by your side, your startup aspirations are bound to transcend boundaries. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Saman Business Man

I approached InnoVanguard with just a raw idea, and their product consultancy team not only helped refine it but took it to a whole new level. Their insights into the Canadian market were especially invaluable. I'm truly grateful for their guidance.

Arya Founder

Turning my concept into a tangible prototype always seemed daunting, but with InnoVanguard, the process was seamless. Their product design team is top-notch, and they truly understand what works for today's users.

Samiyeh Designation

InnoVanguard's holistic approach to product development ensured that my startup's journey was smooth from ideation to launch. Their emphasis on user-centric design and their vast industry knowledge make them the go-to consultancy firm.


At InnoVanguard, we believe in holistic support, ensuring every aspect of your startup journey is addressed, and your vision realized. Let’s co-create the future!

What We Do

We understand that every startup’s journey is unique, but the foundational stages of product development remain consistent.

Startup Visa Program

Attaining LOS in Less than 2 months


Product Development

Expert & Experienced Team


Business Incubation

Mentorship, Creation, Launch


Startup Visa

We stand by you from the initial stages of idea development through achieving your LOS, until you successfully obtain your PR.

App Conceptualization

Full-stack Development
Pre & Post-launch Support
Specialized solutions


File & Manage Patent

Trademark Registration
IP Rights Consultation
PCT Registration


Product Consultancy

Ideation and Innovation
Market Feasibility Analysis
Product Strategy Formulation


Design Conceptualization

User-Centric Design
Mockups & Wireframes
Building Prototypes


Prototype Design & Development

Material & Tech Selection
Iterative Refinement
Testing Prototype


Performance Analysis

Usability Testing
Feedback Incorporation
Business Development


Full-Scale Development

Quality Assurance
Product Launch Strategy
Finalizing Design Details


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